Sportcamping Åkersjön

What is there to do here?

What's in the area?


- snowmobile trails                                                        - cross-country skiing                                                    - dog sledding                                                                - walking with snowshoes                                            - ice fishing


 - biking                                                                                             - hiking trails in the woods                                                           - fishing                                                                                           - canoeing                                                                                       - hardboards                                                                                   - trail                                                                                                 - outdoor games

Info/events winter

Sports holidays in Akersjön

Sportcamping Åkersjön AB is open every day during the sports holiday ⛷ The ski slope and the lift are open from 10:00 am and Restaurant Drivan at the ski slope opens at 11:00 am.

sports holiday: 15/02 - 10/03 (week 8-10 + a part of week 7)

NEWS! This year the ski slopes have 2 big jumps and the slalom is back on the track.

A warm welcome to the mountains!

Info: 072-215 27 94 and

Who are we? 

Responsible for the camping and restaurant. If you need help with general repairs, I'm here for you. I'm also the chef of the restaurant.

Jonathan Reijnders

Responsible for servicehouse and restaurant. If you want to book an accommodation, I'm here for you.

Nancy Van Looy

Responsible for the ski slopes. For questions about the slopes or rental I'm here for you.

Thymo Reijnders

I help my family by selling ski passes at the kiosk. I also make homemade pastries such as apple pie.

Kiano Reijnders