Outdoor games

we have 2 disc golf basket and frisbees that you can rent from us to play.

we also have 2 bows and arrows available

We also have a number of other great outdoor games such as Viking kubb, mikado, petanque, football, ...


we have 1 children's set for 2 people and

1 adult set for 2 people + 1 extra person

we now also have a set for volleyball/badminton and tennis

we also have other cool games like giant mikado, football, ...

This is something new here at our campsite.

this year we also focus on summer activities.
You can do these activities at our campsite for a small fee.
We also have ice creams and other small and large dishes.
So if you want to enjoy the sun quietly and let your children play outside or do fun activities with your children, then come by and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Always let us know if you know of any nice things we can add.