Rules ski slopes

1. DO NOT swing/zigzag. You let the elevator pull you forward (this can cause: the elevator to stop and break down, the rope with anchors to fall off).
2. DO NOT put the anchor between your legs. This for safety reasons is dangerous.
3. DO NOT ski in the deep snow when using the lift.
4. DO NOT ski under the lift. Only if you fall, take the first exit you come across to the slopes.
5. Skiing in the woods is at your own risk. We cannot easily and always get to you quickly in the event of an accident.
6. If there has been an accident and you can't come back down. Then place ski poles or skis in a cross above the person so that it is clearly visible to all skiers so that they know to be careful. have 1 person come down and report it. So that if we haven't seen it, we can be with you as soon as possible to help you and limit the injuries.
7. If you use the emergency stop at the top, open it again and stand by it. So that we don't have to investigate the entire elevator where the malfunction is. So that we can restart the elevator faster.
8. Please NO holes in the slopes these holes can be dangerous for other skiers. If you want to make a jump, do this outside the slopes and use the snow there (not from the slopes).

If you break rule 1,2,3 or 4, the ski pass CAN be taken away and you will no longer be able to use the lift that day. In case of multiple rule violations, you won't be able to ski with us for a certain period of time.

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plattegrond pisten
plattegrond pisten

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