book accommodation

Book your stay on time. We confirm this by email

The advance is also requested by email.

As long as this has not been paid, your booking is not fixed.

do you have questions about

1. How do I cancel my booking?

if you want to cancel your booking:

Have you already paid the advance?
1. no = then your booking is not yet confirmed and you can simply let us know that you no longer need the accommodation.

2. yes=then you can let us know by e-mail that you no longer want the stuga.

! But have you lost your advance !

2. What is in the accommodation 

You can find this under the selected accommodation you want to book.

3. how do i know if i have booked an accommodation now ?

If we have sent you an email confirming that your requested accommodation is still available.

But also with the question for the advance to be paid into the correct account.

Always let us know if you have transferred it so that we can check and confirm this.

Are you still in doubt?  Send an email or call or text us and we'll check it out.