Currently, 3 track's  are ready;

Stenröset: a red singletrack, built in 2016,

The Joker: a machine-dug red trail that offers a little jump & drop, built in 2017

Green frog: a short green trail also machine dug really well for the little ones, built in 2017

! Blåbärstigen: does not exist anymore !

Rental price

Bicycle rental

At Åkersjön bikepark we rent out Specialized bicycles. The rental price also includes protective equipment consisting of a helmet, back protector, leg protectors, gloves.

Then we recommend that you take out insurance that covers any damage to the bicycle if you accidentally fall and something breaks on the bicycle. Without insurance, you must pay the costs for damage that occurs and the parts that need to be replaced. If you have paid insurance, we will cover both parts and repair costs.

Downhill cykel

500 kr

Rent protection:

Whole package


Back protection

Knee protection


200 kr 

75 kr

75 kr

50 kr

40 kr

downhill cykel + protection  

650 kr

downhill cykel + protection + elevator  

700 kr 


apply in case of damage

50 kr

elevator ticket

if you want to use the elevator to go up.

 100 kr